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The Statisticians

We are a team trained in statistical methodology and skilled in statistical programming, including R, Splus, SAS, Minitab, SPSS, Power Analysis Statistical Software (PASS), Excel, and others.

Principal Statistician and President – Colleen Kelly, Ph.D

Dr. Colleen Kelly is an Accredited Professional Statistician™ and has over 25 years of statistical consulting experience as a statistical consultant, professor, and researcher specializing in statistical methodology for clinical trials, epidemiological studies, molecular evolution and other biological studies.  She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego.  She has designed studies, analyzed data, written statistical analysis plans and reports in the oncology, pharmaceutical, vaccine and medical device arenas. She has experience with 510K and NDA submissions to the FDA. At Exponent, she teamed with engineers to design quality control processes and conduct failure analyses and reliability studies of medical devices and mechanical products. At Moores Cancer Center, she teamed with cancer researchers to design sound and efficient clinical trials and animal studies.  She has served as the lead statistician on several NIH and NSF grants.  Additionally, she has served as an expert witness in civil cases involving construction defects, medical devices, intellectual property, antitrust and employee compensation.

As a tenured associate professor of statistics at San Diego State University, Dr. Kelly co-founded and co-directed the university’s statistical consulting center. At Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, she directed the university’s statistical consulting center, providing advice and data analysis for university researchers and the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Kelly’s research is primarily focused in biostatistics, developing statistical methodology to address biological and medical problems. She has developed and evaluated methodology for identifying drug interactions, and analyzing data from clinical trials and epidemiological, ecological, and behavioral studies. She has also worked in the area of modeling molecular evolution.

Colleen Kelly c.v.


Statistical Associate, Diana Le, M.S.

DianaHaving a fascination of numbers and a precise nature, Diana thrives in the statistical field. Diana has a Master of Science degree in Statistics from San Diego State University and is well trained and experienced in handling biostatistical, regression, and multivariate analysis methods, including dealing with linear mixed models and logistic models. Her areas of interest include clinical trials and epidemiological studies, identifying the appropriate models and significance through the application of programming such as SAS and R. In addition, Diana possesses a strong mathematical background, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics also from San Diego State University.

Statistical Associate, Michelle Zhang, M.S.


Michelle Zhang has more than 10 years of SAS programming and statistical analysis experience involving large epidemiology studies, genetic studies and clinical trials. She has designed case report forms, conducted sample size and power calculations, and has written statistical analysis plans and statistical sections for publications and presentations. She has strong statistical expertise in clinical data analysis and is familiar with statistical methods such as linear regression, logistic regression, ANOVA, multivariate analysis, principal component analysis, multilevel modeling and survival analysis. Her SAS macros efficiently generate tables, lists and reports for clinical studies. She holds a master degree of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and a Bachelor degree of Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.


Statistical Associate, Ying Zhou, M.S.

Ying photoYing Zhou has a Master of Science degree in Statistics from San Diego State University, and is well trained in statistics and pharmaceutical science. Her statistical experience includes regression analysis, mixed linear models, machine learning, microarray analysis, survival analysis, database management and sample survey techniques. At Kelly Statistical Consulting, she writes code in R and SAS for deep sequencing RNA analyses, clinical trial and other data analyses, including creating quality figures.  Additionally, she is skilled with sample size and power analysis calculations using PASS, knowledgeable in quality control methods, writing statistical sections, statistical analysis plans (SAPs), and final reports.

Her biological and pharmaceutical experience includes a MS degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Shanghai Jiaotong University.  She has more than five years bench-work research experience and has eight publications in this area. She has researched pharmaceutical formulations, including solid dispersions formulation and drug in situ intestinal absorption in rats. She also worked on HPLC/MS and fingerprint analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine during her master’s training in China. Moreover, she has extensive training in siRNA delivery systems, in vitro and in vivo evaluation, and microRNA targets identification from the Sanford-Medical Research Institute, La Jolla, CA. She has also investigated the functions of human microRNAs in human non-small cell lung cancer using high-throughput screening.